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Game changer for horse comfort

Game changer for horse comfort – Total Saddle Fit Stretchtec western cinch

This cinch is a game changer! It totally frees the shoulder of any downward / forward pushing pressure from the saddle that regular cinches can't ever manage. I'm amazed at how freely forward my horse now reaches. His rollbacks have also improved. I have trail ridden in steep terrain and had zero slip with my saddle. I know my horse was more comfortable, especially heading downhill. I have a half breed saddle and found cinches never quite freed his shoulder. The cinches would also rub his skin and cause galls. This cinch didn't rub at all as the shoulder could move freely and the cinch wasn't pushed in behind continually causing friction. Nice to know the StretchTec material allows for cinch expansion with the horses breath. This cinch works with the horses breath, and not against it.