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Performance Saddlefits Store manager Lyn Prescott

Our Story


The Performance Saddlefits Store was formed as there was a need for a central place that our saddle fitting clients could access the products that we recommended during our fittings.

Specialising in products that have a purpose or function designed to assist with saddle fitting issues we have a focus on improving horse comfort and performance. We also provide access to our saddle manufacturer’s saddle accessories – all in one place so you don’t have to go searching!

Lyn Prescott with her dogs

Lyn Prescott

Lyn is a qualified saddle fitter with the Society of Master Saddlers and has also completed the Equinology US saddle fit principles course with the late Dr Kerry Ridgway. Having now retired from active saddle fitting with Performance Saddlefits her focus has taken another direction – education of horse owners and helping horses through well designed, functional saddle accessory products.

What gets Lyn excited
Lyn took over this store because she believes in what Performance Saddlefits do and what they stand for with their saddlefit principles which flows onto the products and accessories used with correctly fitted saddles. By providing these she can best assist horse owners to achieve a better ride through a happier horse.

Lyn says:

“I am passionate about horse welfare and improving comfort and performance for the good of the horse. I know that even a well fitting saddle can sometimes need tweaks with good accessories to achieve the best of fits. I have a good knowledge base on not only saddle fitting but the products and accessories used with the saddles and also of horse anatomy & biomechanics . 

My number one aim is to look after you and your horse by going above and beyond.”

My Qualifications

Qualified saddle fitter with Society of Master Saddlers
Certificate of completion in basic principles of saddle fitting with Equinology US
Completion of Equinology AUS course in Gait analysis, biomechanics & lameness
6 years of saddle fitting and training in Australia and training with both UK & Italian saddle manufacturers

How she spends her time

“I love training my horses and riding in our local forest with my husband.  I attend obedience dog training with my Kelpie Banjo and recently began instructing the grade 1 classes. In my spare time (when I get any!!) I enjoy reading or watching a good thriller/crime book or movie and having time away with my husband – we particularly love the Flinders Ranges!”

Some of Lyn's favourite products