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Mattes Special Short Girth - Crescent (Slimline leather base)

If this product is out of stock it can be ordered. Mattes products are ordered every 2-3 weeks and wait times are between 6-10 weeks depending on order cycle. Just let us know 1) - exactly what you want. 2) - your delivery address and email for invoice. 
These girths were developed in cooperation with riders to accommodate horses with very narrow-standing front legs, small and/or short backed horses with rounded bodies.
The girths are featured with stabilizing loops at the girth ends and spring loaded stainless steel buckles. With their slightly curved shape, they fit themselves to the built of these horses. Thus preventing the girths to shift too much forward into the movement area of the elbow. Because of the short distance between the front legs the girths have not got a wider centerpiece. 
Short girths are available from 40 cm to 70 cm, Long girths from 90 cm to 110 cm, each in 5 cm increments.

These girths have detachable Lambskin covers. Additional covers can be ordered in different colour combinations with the initial girth. Base Girths and lambskin covers can naturally be purchased seperate as well.

Length is always specified from buckle end to buckle end.

Please make sure to always choose girth long enough, so the buckle flap is as high as possible above the elbow. Fully tightened, the distance between the lower edge of the saddle flap and the buckle of the girth should be 15cm max.
Always measure on the girthed horse.

It is imperative to always girth evenly and symmetrically on both sides.