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Paula Jeffery

Head Office

Paula Jeffery is a Registered Qualified Saddlefitter with the UK Society of Master Saddlers in Australia.

Paula was drawn to start saddle fitting full-time 12 years ago.

With 25 years as a FEI dressage rider, trainer and coach, both in Australia and overseas in the UK and Europe, a common thread of disconnect kept arising that needed answering – it was between the horse’s ability and willingness to perform with ease the task the rider was requesting, and the balance and suppleness of the rider in the saddle between them, that often created pain or discomfort to both.

More than this, the sheer lack of education, research and available information for riders, trainers and other equestrian industry professionals on the effects of saddle design and fit on the biomechanics of both horse and rider was incredibly frustrating.


3 Saddlefitting Qualifications later, including being a Qualified Fitter with the UK Society of Master Saddlers, Paula has made it a mission to help change the standard of saddlefitting in Australia by training and mentoring saddle fitters for Performance Saddlefits through to their SMS Qualifications.

As a group, they train, study and conduct research into saddlefitting, saddle design and the interactions between pressure, balance and biomechanics both in Australia and Internationally, working with top industry vets, physios, designers and manufacturers.

As well as training and mentoring saddlefitters, Paula has twice been an Education Presenter at Equitana, conducts Saddlefit and Biomechanics Seminars around Australia, and is currently developing an online education platform for owners, riders and industry professionals.

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