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Best Friend cribbing muzzle but free to eat

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Best Friend® Cribbing Muzzle But Free-to-Eat

An ultra-lightweight Muzzle with an aluminum grill.

Nylon webbing and padded noseband make the Best Friend Cribbing/Free-to-Eat Muzzle a gentle and humane alternative to curb cribbing. The muzzle limits unwanted behavior, such as cribbing and biting. Yet, it allows the horse to eat and drink. The four-point attachment system prevents pivoting and rotating.

Sizing: Oversize (Large Horse), Horse, Cob, and Pony.
Your horse usually wears its halter size. See FAQ TAB below or contact us for sizing assistance.

To Clean: You can extend the life of your muzzle by cleaning it regularly, at least once a week. The muzzle is easy to clean. Simply brush off dirt and then hose off or swish in water. Let it air dry.