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Sunmate Orthopedic foam

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Sunmate Orthopedic foam provides high impact energy absorption with soft pressure properties. It has slow spring back, contouring to the body then slowly returning to its original shape once pressure is removed.  SunMate’s open-cell structure maximizes airflow to reduce heat buildup, while its viscoelastic properties allow it to uniformly distribute pressure and absorb impact energy to improve horse comfort and performance. 

The foam can be used as a single, whole length piece where cushioning is required and can also be cut down into shims where shimming is required. The foam is able to be shaped and bevelled and we recommend using a Performance Saddle Fits fitter who are proficient at doing this.


  • SunMate is slow-flow body contouring providing uniform weight distribution for pressure relief.
  • SunMate effectively absorbs 90% of normal-use impact energy, greatly improving comfort and performance for your horse especially in high impact situations such as trotting and jumping.
  • SunMate is lightweight with a density of 5 lb/ft3 and comes in a variety of thicknesses and densities.
  • SunMate is an elastomeric, polyurethane, viscoelastic foam with open-cell structure.
  • SunMate retains its physical properties beyond normal temperature ranges.

Available in 3 sizes:

Small (55cm x 23cm) - Suits small Mattes pads and medium dressage

Medium (65cm x 30cm) - Suits medium Mattes pads and large dressage

Large (75cm x 35cm) - Suits stock and western sized pads