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Total Saddle Fit Stretch Tec ADDITIONAL LINERS - Western cinch

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Additional Liners for the Western StretchTec Cinch.

 One of the benefits of the Total Saddle Fit Stretch Tec cinch is the removeable and interchangeable liner - giving you the ability to change over to a different material in the liner or to replace a worn liner. This not only gives you more options but makes it easier to wash the girth too.

Available in:

  • Black 100% wool fleece
  • Black neoprene

All of the liners attach securely by velcro to the StretchTec Shoulder Relief cinch leather body, and can easily be interchanged for washing, showing or any other reason you might want to swap them. They are all uniquely stretchable to complement the stretching benefits of the StretchTec Shoulder Relief Cinch.

NOTE: Liner only does not include a cinch.

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