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How do you store your saddle??

How do you store your saddles? πŸ€”πŸ€”
Do you realise that some saddle stands can cause damage to your panels & flocking? 😳😬  These photos below show what can happen!
Any saddle stand where the bars of the stand some into contact with your saddles panels can create indents along the panel. This is especially bad when it’s a thin bar. Check out these photos for some examples of the stands in question. 🧐🧐
You should always one of the following: a single pole that sits inside your channel, preferably padded so it doesn’t leave dents in your gullet leather, a stand that allows your panels to sit on a flatter surface OR ensure your saddle stand bars are well padded. For this you can use pool noodles, slip on covers or other thick padding. See below for suggestions. 😊
You need to look after your saddle panels so please think about how you store your saddles!