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Let's talk about trees!

Let’s talk about TREES!

No, not the sort in your garden that have leaves – but the sort that you will find inside your saddles.

What is a tree and what are they made of?

The tree of your saddle is the hard structure inside that gives the basis for the rest of the saddle. It distributes weight across your horses back and prevents the saddle from collapsing on your horse’s back or impacting their spine. But some saddles don’t have trees you say! That’s correct and I will talk about treeless saddles another day.


Traditionally trees are made of wood, with or without metal springs, but of course as technology comes up with more and more innovations you can now find trees made of all kinds of synthetic materials such as plastic, carbon & polymer to name a few.

Which are best? Well, I guess they all have advantages and disadvantages and at the end of the day it’s what fits and works for your horse and for you that is the right one!


So over the next few weeks we’ll take a journey through the ‘forest’ and check out the ‘trees’ and hopefully you’ll find some useful and interesting information!